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There is significant overlap between chronic illness and ADHD.

Some people may experience this overlap for the entirety of their lives, some may develop illnesses as a result of ADHD burnout or trauma, and some may be chronically ill for quite some time before they discover their neurodivergence.

Finding the right information and advice to meet your specific needs as someone navigating life with both as well as having access to a community of people with similar experiences and/or a desire to help could make profound difference in your journey.

Brokedown Body, Moshpit Mind is a dedicated resource for people who experience both chronic illness and ADHD (and those who love them) to find information, peer support and a sense of belonging.

Hi! I’m Darnielle.

I have been chronically ill since 2006. In early 2022, I started seeing a psychologist for pandemic and health-related anxiety. By late 2022, I had been diagnosed with ADHD. A silver lining in a COVID-ridden cloud, that’s for sure!

When the possibility of ADHD was floated, I went into research mode. There was plenty of information and support for the typical presentations of ADHD, and even a reasonable amount for late-diagnosed women, but very little for those of us with chronic illnesses.

I decided that I might as well make French fries from potatoes and become the source of information and support I was looking for.

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Chronic Illness Primer

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The Overlap Between Chronic Illness & ADHD


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